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welcome 2015! thanks 2014!


my resolution achieved! i have graduated this year!!!!

struggling with friends (ppsi club) on thesis..
having part time job..
long waited graduation day..
new born nephew..
(still learning to) be a database developer..
meet a lot of new friends..
leaving hometown..
crazy trip with some friends..
first salary..
first handshake event..
firts two shot with oshi..
first time selling things on sidewalk..
apart from my besties..
kataomoi love..
there were still a lot of things that i couln't write..

a lot of things...
a lot of things happen in 2014..
i hope those things makes me better and bigger..
i hope next year will bring me a lot of great things beyond my expectation!

my resolution for next year is to write a lot of things and makes this LJ also tumblr as alive as possible..😃

happy new year! 👧


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