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Best Policeman I've Ever........
Good morning people!!
This is the story about a policeman...
Tbh I never have a good opinion about policeman, they've never ever seen nice in my eyes.. *no offense*
But last Monday, something happen and it makes me............
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a little hapiness in a bitter situation
finally, I can breathe a little bit now..
After searching for some intern or volunteer jobs and having a lot of "no" from many companies...
A great news finally come and greet me tonight! :D

I'm having a job (yes I can say it that way), even though it's not in a big company like some friends of mine..
But I'm very very happy and gratefull~~~~~~~
Because this is job that I really like and close with my hobby!!

I said alhamdulillah for 100 times ;D;

Now, my last concern is my one and only final project..
I hope I can finish it on March..

I don't have to be asshame that I still don't have a bachelor degree yet, cause I already have a job and building up a business with some friends..
This is my way..

I know God is fair..
So I believe that He always have a big plan for me ahead.. ^^

PS :
I feel relieve finally I can prove my self to my parents.. :3
I hope they'll proud of me.. :D


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HAPPY NEW YEAR!! ^o^ (late post)
Happy Happy New Year!!!!
It's 2014 already.. *already January 2014 actually lol*
Time flies so fast..

I still have a lot of thing to do for this year, cause I didn't manage to do all of my resolution in 2013 by the end of the last year..

most important thing is " I Have to Graduate this Year!" *yehet!*

I also have to be something or at least I have to do something that remarkable this year!

what's about your resolution?
hope everyone have a great, blast and blissful year!

good luck for 2014!!! ^o^/


Mother's Day
Yesterday (i know i'm late), we celebrated Mother's day~~
Actually there's nothing special for me *slaps*
Because I always appreciate and love my mother every single day..
I always treasure everything about her every single day.. :D
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A little something for someone.. Indonesia Movie List Part 1
actually this post dedicated to beloved ratuquinn
This post is about some Indonesia movie that I choose for you to filling your heart with more Indonesia's things~
I understand that you miss being here and miss a lot of your friend and also your family~
I hope this list will helpfull~ ^^

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Salmon's Birthday~ ハピバスデイー
short post maybe.. kkk

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Traffic Report #1
Hi!!! my first traffic report..

Thanks god! there is no traffic jam on my route to campus.. ^^
But I heard there are some accident at highway between two cars..(i heard it from radio this morning but i still find the source i'll update later) ..
Also there is a traffic jam around Ngagel because the traffic light is off and that is an intersection road so you can imagine how crowded it will be..
well, you can see the details on the hotlink at the top~ ^^

By the way, today weather is sunny but li'l bit windy and cloudy.. ^^
It is a nice day though..
have a nice day!!

credit news:
big thanks too e100 100,00 FM (suara surabaya city guide)
FB Twitter

Traffic Report (prologue)
Oh I'm gonna do this post from now on..
Everytime I drive my car, I always feeling so insecure..there are a lot of things in my mind..
When I started my car engine, I always started to thinking about traffic jam, traffic condition, etc..
I even listening to a radio that always give news about traffic in Surabaya (nowadays kkk)..
Because this traggic condition is getting worse here..
Three times a day, there will be a traffic jam in every street on Surabaya..

And that was horrible..
I'll start my daily report right from tomorrow~
It will help me (I hope), to losen up my self and makes me more calm, because I always having my mind out of control when it comes to traffic jam or something happening on the street while I drove my car..

Now, I'll sleep..
Selamat malam..

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4th JKT48 direct selling
i think i'm too lazy writing something this month.. T.T (it's already a new month! this draft has been postponed till today lol!)
that's why my trip's post still not ready for publishing yet..*crying*

but for filling this emptiness, i'll write about my trip for this weekend ..
i can call it as crazy trip because i planned that in a last minute and i still blind about the destination *ugh*

October, 13th 2013...
i went to a Malang (city nearby).. \o/
beware long post! dangerous! xDCollapse )

My ITSM Task

I'm bored here~~~~ hohohohoho

I wanna share something more..
This is my own production movie~ lol
This video will tell you about "service operation on ITSM based on ITIL V3"

what is service operation?
what are the processes that include in service operation?
how is their role in a company or organization?

here is the video~~
check it out!

notes :
ITSM (Information Technology Service Management)
ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library)


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