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[sticky post]Happy New Year 2017!
Just be whoever you are!

have a great year!
happy new year 2017!

Japan Experience a.k.a Japan Cult Trip 2017
I will post about my holiday.... at Japan!

finally i went to Japan!

there are a lot of things that unique and worth to share!

jaa~ ne!

Johnny's Jr All Star Island 2017!
Dear All,
[ALERT] My new post will be in Bahasa, I'll write the english one later xD

Jadi, minggu awal Januari 2017 lalu saya dan teman saya ratuquinn melakukan perjalanan wisata ke Jepang xD
Alhamdulillah kami menghabiskan 10 hari di Jepang. Wisata kami kali ini ngga sekedar wisata biasa, tapiiiiiiiiiiiiii kami menjadwalkan untuk menonton perhelatan akbar dari johnny's jr yakni JOHNNY'S JR ALL STAR ISLAND 2017 *tepuk tangan*

Karena saya masih susah (dan semoga terus terusan) move on, jadilah saya menuliskan report tentang perhelatan akbar ini

susah move onCollapse )

2016 Sticky Post!
i won't type a long long post..
or sharing a long story..

for 2016 this quote will be enough .. :)

Happy New Year! ^^

Halloween Night Making the Music Video
Finally I'm back on track!!

Since this video is short, I decided to make the sub for this video~ ^^
But....careful.... Don't expect to much.. Just a little help.. lol

As usual I will share the streaming link and also the download link..
Please give me comment, that will help me improve my self.. ^^

[trick or treat!]Streaming here : Trick

Download here : Treat

Bye~~~ ^^o

welcome 2015! thanks 2014!


my resolution achieved! i have graduated this year!!!!

struggling with friends (ppsi club) on thesis..
having part time job..
long waited graduation day..
new born nephew..
(still learning to) be a database developer..
meet a lot of new friends..
leaving hometown..
crazy trip with some friends..
first salary..
first handshake event..
firts two shot with oshi..
first time selling things on sidewalk..
apart from my besties..
kataomoi love..
there were still a lot of things that i couln't write..

a lot of things...
a lot of things happen in 2014..
i hope those things makes me better and bigger..
i hope next year will bring me a lot of great things beyond my expectation!

my resolution for next year is to write a lot of things and makes this LJ also tumblr as alive as possible..😃

happy new year! 👧

20 Facts About Me(?)
By th way idk how to put the title..should it be '20 fact about me' or should it be '20 facts challenges' lol

First of all..I'd like to apologies to my dearest friend kay who challenge me cause this post is taking a long time till its finally published.. u.u

okay let's start!
1. I'm a girl who is predicted to be born as a boy, my doctor was sure that I will be born as a boy and finally he was surprised that I was born as a girl..
2. I have a 'hard to spell' name which is fazlurrani izzattisselim, that's why just call my nickname lol
3. Some friends call me as ntonk and that's my stage name xD
4. For those who don't know, I have a foreign blood (Pakistan) from both of my parents though my face didn't show that.. :v
5. I can't let my self to stop moving
6. I really like to play around so just ask me out and go playing somewhere
7. I'm a silent-reader when it comes to a forum online or in any discussion thread on social network
8. But I really likes to speak my opinion everywhere I stand
9. I like to collect and read comic.especially shoujou-manga and complex story theme comic
10. I'm a fans of train-traveling.. I like to go somewhere by train rather than ride a bus, car, even airplane.. :3
11. I'm having allergic to dusty and humid place also I can't eat shrimp :(
12. I like to making friends, whenever Iam wherever I go..I will make a lot of friends :3
13. I'm a human with a fangirl heart lol so don't be so surprised when you see me squealling over.someone or something xD
14. I'm boyish girl but I have soft and kind heart just like a girl heart
15. I'm a moody person, beware guys! :p but i'm really cheerful though! xD
16. I have a bad relationship with coffee because I always sleepy or even having a headache whenever I drink or eat something related to coffee
17. Animal is my friend especially cat!!!! :3
18. I'm straight forward person..
19. "sharing is caring" >> I also this kind of person..:D
20. last but not important! i'm a shoes-lover but not girly (heels,shiny and flat) types..but honestly i prefer to wear slippers a lot more than shoes lol

okay that's all!! thanks again for my dearest friend kay

and for everyone who read this post must do the challenge!! ^^9


finally my long awaiting.........here it comes the DAY!

I know this will be hard but I'm sure I can do this!


poster ta

Short Stories about Stella Cornelia Meet and Greet!
I'm back!!! ^^
I don't know why tonight I feel so rush about posting this new story~~
Maybe I'm just too excited or idk~~ lol
Okay, just let the story begin...................

This is all began on Friday 11th April, I decided to bought Stella's event ticket..
*I bought it late cause i didn't have a lot of money left on my account earlier xD*
I asked my friend to bought that ticket too and we planned to watch Stella together.. ^^

Finally D-DAY!! Finally I'm going to meet HER! ^o^

First of all, I have to pick up my friend in the middle of storm! *fyi, his dorm is soooooo far from my house*.. :0
But I'm cool with that so after i picked him up we went to the event's venue right away..
When I arrived on the venue I saw there are some fans already waiting for the open gate time, then I parked my car and go inside to change my e-ticket to the real ticket(?)

~~okay let's skip my story to the real Meet and Greet event~~Collapse )

I'm already in my 10th semester and I supposed to graduate this semester..
yes but hey my department has a new rule that requires me to join one lecture for my current laboratory.. orz

but i think this s is the best way for me to fasten my final project progress kkk

that's why i have to fight 'till the end!!

go go go!!!


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